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QpiCloud is democratizing innovation by enabling collaborative partnerships on its hybrid Classical-Quantum cloud computing infrastructure using workflow automation across enterprises

Our Vision

QpiCloud is a collaborative platform to enable next generation of breakthrough in healthcare, materials, manufacturing, smart city , drug discovery, transportation and bringing to forefront other disruptive technologies to human reach


QpiCloud is enabling next generation of Cloud computing based on extreme automation of workflow using AI , extreme compute based on QpiAI hybrid classical-quantum compute


Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja

Founder, CEO and Chairman of the board

Swati K

Director of Operations

Abhinand Balachandran

Senior Director Technology


Vishnu Karthiklu

Vishnu Karthiklu

Lead AI/ML Engineer

Arun Pandian

ML Research Engineer

Kavin K G

Application Developer


WeWork Manyata NXT Tower - 1
Embassy Manyata Business Park, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045

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