Make your datacenter green

with QpiCloud™ DCManager

QpiCloud™ DCmanager offers many premium data centre management features with patented technology based on Advanced AI algorithms that can substantially improve data centre efficiency, cost and security.

Features of DCManager

Application Discovery and Profiling

Agent based app discovery and profiling based on AI/ML algorithms. Distributed application across the VMs and intelligent clustering of VMs

Datacentre application execution

CI/CD integration of the QpiCloud™ DCmanager scheduler to profile and retry failing job. Also provide complete report of root cause for failure and suggest preventive actions based on AI/ML algorithms.

Computation profiling

Floating point and specint profiling of the applications running on standalone or distributed mode

Green Datacentre

QpiCloud™ DCManager reduces the carbon footprint of data centre by 20-30% based on workload, which would result in Green Datacentre

Security monitoring and profiling

Security agents are deployed to monitor anomalous behaviour of the application. Security monitoring is done at various levels , this include application level including profiling of memory access , network bandwidth access and DISC I/Os. Second level is at processor level where interrupts and cache access are monitored to detect anomalous behaviour. QpiCloud™ DC manager security algorithms are based on QpiCloud™ patented AI/ML technology

Datacentre forecasting

QpiCloud™ DCManager comes with inbuilt forecasting models to forecast following

Data centre capacity forecaster

VM requirement forecaster

for a given workload ie., type and number of VMs required for a workload

System wise utilization and cost forecaster

Ability to perform the EDA

on Datacentre cost and efficiency based on QpiCloud™ patented AI/ML algorithm

QpiCloud DC manager
Enabling Green Datacentre

QpiCloud™ DC manager has proven following in Datacentres

  • Reduction in energy consumption by 20% using AI/ML based enabled smart usage of data centre
  • Reduction of 20% of Opex cost
  • Reduction of thermal management bill by 30%
  • Reduction of hardware footprint by 20%
  • Enabling smart datacentre using various DCIM tools like Data Centre visualization built in QpiCloud™ DC manager management UI

The DC Manager Advantage

Features QpiCloud™ DCManager Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
App Security Profiling
AI/ML based application discovery and profiling
CI/CD integration for automated job scheduling
App predictive maintenance
Capacity planning and intelligent VM clustering
Data centre capacity forecaster
Programmability and Modularity to add more monitoring and profiling feature
Data centre visualization
Customer integration proven
Results and saving proven at customer premises
Extension to customer cloud and customer edge
APIs for HVAC control and analytics

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