QpiCloud™-EdgeManager is an edge application profiling , Edge optimization, Edge capacity planning , Edge Security and Edge AI deployment platform with lots of edge management capabilities.

Features of EdgeManager

Application profiling and application monitoring

on Edge boxes for software headroom and capability addition.

Automated application installation on edge boxes

by automated containerization of application via QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager

Performance Optimization

Edge Boxes performance optimization using edge application profiling and application optimization

Predictive Maintenance

of applications running on Edge boxes

Policy deployment

Policy deployment on Edge boxes based on event trigger

Monitor security

Monitor security of applications installed via integrated containerized apps monitors

Complete platform for Edge boxes

Complete platform for Edge boxes health monitoring, Edge infra planning, Edge box optimization and Edge security monitoring

AI Capabilities:

  • Supporting automated installation of containerized ML models on the Edgeboxes
  • Support for automated cloud inferencing for data generated from Edgeboxes

  • AI/ML model monitoring capability for Edgeboxes

UI Features

QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI has following features:

  • QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager automates installation of container-based application on Edge Boxes
  • QpiCloud™ patent pending algorithm enables automated application installation on Edge Boxes from QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI
  • QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager provides full capability of Edge application monitoring and Edge application predictive maintenance
  • Once applications are installed on Edge Boxes via QpiCloud™ – EdgeManagerUI, applications are monitored for reliability and using QpiCloud™ patented algorithm QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI will alert users or operator about imminent application failures on Edge boxes via mobile app and on desktop UI through alerts
  • User can monitor applications on Edge boxes via QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI dashboard
  • Operator of Edge boxes can also perform application discovery and application profiling from QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI
  • Security threats and Anomalous behaviour of application installed on Edge boxes is alerted on QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI using QpiCloud™ patented algorithm
  • Edge Boxes capacity planning can be performed from the QpiCloud™ -EdgeManager UI, With QpiCloud™ patented prediction algorithm based on AI
  • User can shut down and restart an application running on Edge boxes from the QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager UI


Mobile App

  • Edge Boxes Operator can download and install QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager Mobile app to receive alerts about edge boxes
  • Edge boxes operator can also configure to receive alerts about specific applications in an edge box
  • Edge boxes Operator can receive alerts on cluster of edge boxes on QpiCloud™ – EdgeManager Mobile

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