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QpiDHDE is a collaborative healthcare innovation platform based on the specialized classical compute and quantum compute, forming a hybrid computation to drive innovation in healthcare and solve most intractable problem ensuring privacy and security of healthcare data.

How QpiDHDE Works?

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.

QpiDHDE is the world’s first healthcare Collaborative Platform (CP) completely driven by Quantum compute and AI. QpiDHDE is the end to end secure data and intelligence exchange platform, which is supported by Quantum computing backend, Quantum security and AI enabled software running at Healthcare Premises (HP). On the cloud, Quantum secure and AI enabled cloud software runs on the QpiDHDE Collaborative Platform (CP).


QpiDHDE Data and Intelligence exchange

QpiDHDE data and intelligence exchange is based on secure software plugin QpiDHDE-HP at Healthcare Premises (HP) connected to QpiDHDE cloud software plugin at QpiDHDE Collaborative Platform (CP). The QpiDHDE Link between QpiDHDE-HP and QpiDHDE cloud is quantum secure and driven by AI based optimization of the data and intelligence exchange.

Healthcare premises will be sending data to QpiDHDE-HP at Healthcare Premises and it will be quantum secured on premises itself using QpiDHDE-HP and sent to QpiDHDE-CP.

QpiDHDE-HP is a connector between healthcare premises and QpiDHDE cloud collaborative platform. QpiDHDE will be processing healthcare data which are typically :-

Ancillary Documents, Anesthesiology report, Assessment, Consent Form, Consultation report, Diagnostic Report, Discharge summary, Consent form, Medical History, Operative report, Pathology report, Patient Data, Physical Examination, Physician’s Progress Report.

QpiDHDE Data and Intelligence Exchange

QpiDHDE applications are:

Diagnostic Assistance- Diagnose patient early, accurately and efficiently using quantum computers, fed by huge amount of health parameters, genetic information, sensory data and other health information will be able to give a comprehensive prediction about a given person’s future health.

QpiDHDE Applications

Healthcare and healthcare related technology needs collaboration to progress further. These technologies and sciences are complex and data intensive. This is a fertile ground for collaborative progress to achieve objectives of wellbeing of humanity. No one organization, proprietary technology, isolated knowledge can achieve the needed objective of healthcare innovation which is needed today in both speed and quality of the results. Handling pandemics to preventive healthcare to early diagnostics requires seamless collaboration and appropriation of efforts. This is possible with QpiDHDE powered by QpiCloud. QpiDHDE is based on very advanced technology of AI and Quantum Compute. It is designed to increase velocity of healthcare innovation and accelerate the adoption.

Automated healthcare workflows using AI will reduce errors and save cost. This will also lead to efficient resource allocations at both data generating healthcare premises and intelligence consumption in an efficient way. Quantum security will enable data exchange without loss of privacy. This will speed up innovations in various healthcare and healthcare enabled applications.

In healthcare, this will impact drug discovery and lead to better personalized medicine, more efficient bioprinting of organs and rapidly developed vaccines.

Following are other enablements of QpiDHDE:

  • QpiDHDE will be helping in speed up of medical imaging, diagnosis and data analysis
  • Quantum computers will assist AI algorithms to find new patterns by exploring extremely high dimensional feature spaces, providing breakthroughs in the fields like imaging and pathology. This method will complement our own assessments of the risks of global threats that haven’t happened yet
  • QpiDHDE will be a collaborative platform for hospitals and healthcare providers with highest level of data security which enables smooth collaboration


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